🚀 Free Legitimate Paid Surveys to Earn Money Online

🚀 Free Legitimate Paid Surveys to Earn Money Online

Welcome to Surveys Legit – the best survey review site on the internet to offer you some amazing opportunities to make legitimate money!

The amazing thing I like about survey sites is that you participate in social research to make our world a better place. Of course, you get paid as well!

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When I started searching for options to make money online, I came across many ways to earn extra cash through Get-paid-to sites or GPT sites! Some sites ask you to take a product photo while you’re shopping, while others ask you to participate in paid surveys.

Paid surveys and GPT sites are the best and quick way to make money online. 🙌

But so many paid surveys sites claim to be legitimate and safe. 😑 How do you find a legit survey site?

There are numerous legit paid survey websites available that I have tried and tested to earn money online, such as Survey Junkie, LifePoints, InboxDollars, and Branded Surveys.

Scroll down to see my exclusive list of legitimate survey sites and GPT (get-paid-to) sites for countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA.

😳 Are Paid Surveys Real?


That’s exactly how I felt when I first heard about paid surveys, but after going through hundreds of survey sites, I found the best and most legitimate sites that DO PAY!

I know most people have grown tired of the idea of making money through paid surveys — and understandably so because of many scam websites on the internet.

But you don’t have to worry at all because I created this beautiful site [Surveys Legit] to help you find the best and most legit paid surveys to earn money without wasting your time.

You can find online paid surveys by country or reward on Surveys Legit!

I also do in-depth reviews of each survey site to know what’s best for you.

✅ Common Paid Surveys FAQs

Are there any other ways to earn money besides surveys?

On many of these sites, you may earn money by watching videos, surfing the web, or even playing games. Market research firms are generally interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences about the businesses they work with. So there are opportunities to gain insight that doesn’t require a simple survey.

Swagbucks, for example, allows you to earn money by viewing movies and then doing brief surveys. When you shop online, MyPoints allows you to earn cashback or rewards from retailers. InboxDollars also pays you to watch TV commercials.

How will I be paid if I take an online survey?

There are a variety of ways to get paid for taking online surveys depending on the site, including Gift cards from PayPal or Amazon, Mail Checks, Donations to charity, Products in the physical realm, Codes for online games, and Reward points that can be used for a range of benefits.

Will I be paid for each survey I take?

Most sites have a minimum amount you must earn before you can cash out, so if it takes 5 surveys to get that amount, you must take 5 surveys before you can be paid. Other sites payout after a specific amount of time has passed, or after a certain number of surveys or points have been completed.

How does a survey site earn money?

When people sign up for legitimate survey sites, they are not charged a fee. So it’s reasonable to ask, “What’s in it for them?”. Most of the time, these sites work with companies that are searching for user feedback to assist them to shape their products, services, or marketing. As a result, businesses pay you for the data you supply. You get a little amount of the money after the survey site takes its cut.

How do paid survey sites work?

Specific needs differ from one survey company to the next. However, you generally only need a computer or a mobile device, as well as a dedicated email address. Some of the platforms listed above have device restrictions, so double-check before wasting your time with the signup procedure. Some product testing opportunities may require a physical address or a P.O. Box, however, these opportunities are rarely required for participation in online surveys.

How can I make the most money from paid survey sites?

Many survey sites have FAQs, and some of the responses differ from one site to the next. However, there are some general observations that prospective survey respondents might find useful. Aside from picking the legit sites that work best for you, there are a few things you can do to prevent wasting time on online surveys entirely:

Complete the initial questionnaire or signup form completely; many survey sites pay extra for people who complete surveys that require respondents from specified demographic groupings.

Pay attention while filling out surveys; some include questions to make that you’re reading and not just selecting random responses, so if you’re just going through the motions, you’ll be paid less.

Take surveys during the week; on weekends, more people are free, so you may have more opportunities when others are not.

Choose the highest-paying surveys first; some sites have numerous opportunities at simultaneously, and if others take advantage of those high-paying surveys first, you may miss out.

Refer your friends to your favorite websites; many of them will reward you with bonus points if you do so.

Sign up for a few different sites; you don’t need an account on all of them, but switching between a few trusted favorites can help you access more survey opportunities.

Sign up for sites that offer free points merely for creating a new account; many of the ones listed above do, but some only run for a limited time.

Follow your favorite survey sites on social media; some of them will publish exclusive opportunities just for their most devoted fans.

How long does it take to finish an online survey?

This differs between sites and even within each platform. Many sites will inform you how long each survey will take you, and some will even let you track your progress as you work it. In general, most surveys will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. Shorter surveys may only pay a few cents, whereas longer surveys may pay a little more.

What types of surveys for money can I take?

There are a variety of market research surveys available on the internet. Some paid surveys may request that you assess potential ad campaigns. Others may enquire about your purchasing patterns. In general, websites strive to match your profile with survey opportunities that are relevant to them. Some survey sites may also provide you with some bit of information on each one before you sign up and begin taking it. As a result, you can typically pick the ones that intrigue you the most.

Are paid survey sites worth my time?

That depends on how valuable your time is to you. In most cases, voicing your opinion will earn you little more than a few bucks per hour. So, if you’re searching for a quick buck, online survey sites are generally not the greatest choice. If you don’t have anything else to do and just want to earn some extra cash or get a gift card in the mail every now and then, survey sites may be a good way to kill some time in a semi-productive way.

Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

All sites such as mobrog, Nielsen Homescan, Swagbucks, LifePoints and other sites mentioned on this website are 100% legitimate and real businesses looking for public opinion.

What is the highest paying survey site?

In each of my exclusive survey lists, I have explained which sites are the highest paying surveys, currency, country, and what methods of payout. Click here to see the highest paying survey sites for your country.

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I am working 24×7 to find, try and provide my honest reviews about online paid surveys. 😇

While we are talking about paid surveys, I’d like to tell you that paid surveys don’t get you millions of dollars, but they offer a handful of cash to supplement your current income.

All survey sites here are personally reviewed and tried by me, so you don’t have to worry about their legitimacy.

I am currently reviewing more paid surveys, so keep an eye on this page or contact me on my Quora if you want me to review paid surveys from your country.

Good luck making money online! 😍


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