Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

Online survey sites in Kenya havenโ€™t always been easy to come by because research companies havenโ€™t shown much interest in hearing Kenyansโ€™ thoughts and feelings until recently. In the past, most paid survey sites either wouldnโ€™t allow Kenyan registrations or wouldnโ€™t provide any surveys to members who had already signed up.

The need for Kenyan viewpoints has increased, though, as the countryโ€™s economy has developed and its citizens have gotten wealthier. However, this is starting to change. Kenyans may now find a few trustworthy websites where they can participate in online surveys and other chores in order to earn a stable income.

Listed below are some of the most reliable places to look for paid online survey sites in Kenya.

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What are the online survey sites in Kenya?

Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

How do online survey sites work in Kenya?

You can get paid for your thoughts and ideas by taking part in online surveys in Kenya. Feedback from customers is invaluable because it helps companies improve their offerings and strategies. For this reason, a great number of companies all over the world work with market research businesses to develop surveys of customers.

Can I get paid to take surveys in Kenya?

Most companies in Kenya pay large sums to market research organizations in exchange for this information; a portion of this cost is typically allocated to incentives for survey respondents.

They often do this by joining paid survey websites, where they can take surveys in exchange for points that can be redeemed for prizes. PayPal cash, gift cards, and mobile airtime coupons are common examples of such incentives. Regular users of paid survey sites can quickly rack up credits and cash in on rewards.

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Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

Here are five of the most highly-recommended websites for finding online survey jobs in Kenya.

#1 TGM Panel Kenya

Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

With polls available in 80+ countries, TGM Panel is a rapidly expanding paid survey platform in Kenya. TGM Panel is among the most dependable platforms for providing a steady stream of online survey work in the rest of the world, including Kenya.

If you earn ten dollarsโ€™ worth of credits while using this service, you can withdraw the money. Withdrawals can be made in a variety of ways, including through PayPal and Amazon gift cards. When requested, payments will be made within 72 hours.

#2 SwitchedOn Surveys

Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

SwitchedOn Surveys is a global survey platform with an emphasis on Africa. Residents of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are eligible to enter.

You may easily rack up credits by responding to surveys whenever you have a few minutes to spare, as most of them are fairly brief.

While some surveys pay you in hard cash, others provide credits redeemable for merchandise. Carefully consider the surveys you want to conduct in order to get the prizes you want; some merely provide airtime credits or entries into the websiteโ€™s sweepstakes.

SwitchedOn Surveys has worked with a number of Kenyan retailers, including Cloud9, Vivo, Telkom, Taimba, Safaricom, Mepesa, Mama Rocks, Imax, Airtel, and Game.

#3 SurveyTime

Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

Every survey you take with SurveyTime will earn you $1 USD in quick payment, guaranteed. You can choose to have them sent to you as cash, PayPal funds, or cryptocurrency deposits. Given its ease of use, the platform is likely to draw a large number of survey participants; moreover, it is accessible to shoppers from all over the world.

While members from certain countries are more likely to have access to more survey chances, this surveys website is a good option for Kenyans looking for survey work because so many Kenyans have already made money with it.

#4 PrizeRebel

Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa

PrizeRebel is characterized as a โ€˜Get Paid Toโ€™ (GPT) website since it offers a wide range of online activities that can earn you credits and incentives. Paid surveys are a huge part of the PrizeRebel experience, but you can also earn points by viewing videos, registering for free trials, entering free codes from social media, and more.

Credits can be redeemed for store gift cards and PayPal cash โ€“ and you can expect to receive your rewards instantly if youโ€™re a regular user of the site.


Top 5 Best Online Paid Survey Sites in Kenya Africa is yet another well-liked GPT platform accepting new Kenyan users. There are several survey options on this site, and you can also earn credits by watching movies or by taking advantage of one of the purchase or free trial offers displayed on the siteโ€™s โ€œOffer Wall.โ€

Once you reach a $1 USD balance, you can request a PayPal withdrawal of your credits. Itโ€™s also possible to cash out in the form of store credit or cryptocurrency wallet deposits.

Online survey tasks may be lucrative, and this site rewards its 20 most active members with a substantial quarterly points bonus.

The bottom line

Opportunities for Kenyans to take surveys online have risen in recent years, meaning that you can now use survey taking as a supplementary source of money.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for as many of the survey sites as possible if youโ€™re serious about making money online. Doing so will allow you to maximize the quantity of benefits you receive.

Keep in mind that many of these sites also provide incentives for referring close contacts. To that end, if you come across a website that you find particularly enjoyable, share it with your family and friends so that you can all reap the benefits.

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