Do you frequently receive the notice โ€œSorry, you do not qualify for this surveyโ€œ?

Or do you often think that โ€œhow do I qualify for more paid surveysโ€œ?

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in resolving your paid survey problems.

Weโ€™ll explain all of the tips and tricks weโ€™ve learned through years of researching paid survey sites in this guide, so you can improve your survey completion rate.

The most common causes for being โ€˜DQedโ€™ or Disqualified from survey

The following are the two most common reasons for getting disqualified from doing a paid survey:

  1. Seeking a representative sample

Brands frequently seek responses from a diverse group of people. For instance, they might seek the input of 50 per cent men and 50 per cent women. In this situation, once a sufficient number of women or men have completed their survey, any more women or men who attempt to access it will be disqualified until the survey is removed.

  1. Some of the answers donโ€™t add up.

Paid survey websites may ask qualifying questions to see if your profile matches theirs (for example, do you own a car?). If they donโ€™t, youโ€™ll be screened out since youโ€™re not paying attention or taking the survey seriously. After all, the website has a responsibility to give reliable results to their customers.

You canโ€™t always be the exact demographic that a client requires. As a result, you may be disqualified at times.

Nonetheless, the following are the best steps you may take to reduce the number of surveys disqualification!

Follow these tips to get more surveys, earn more money, and have a better time filling out paid surveys.

There is no secret to qualifying for EVERY survey.

One of the most aggravating aspects of taking paid surveys is being disqualified in the middle of the process.

If this occurs frequently, it is not a sign that the website is a survey fraud; it happens to everyone.

This occurs because the companies sponsoring the surveys are searching for findings from specific demographics, and if you donโ€™t fit the requirements, youโ€™ll be disqualified or โ€˜screened out.โ€™

You might be wondering why youโ€™re even being asked to do the survey in the first place, especially if the qualifying questions are all about information youโ€™ve already provided on your profile.

Find the legit paid survey websites

After all, most online survey websites have ways for you to qualify for more tasks. Not every paid survey website is the same.

Some companies provide far more surveys than others. Some companies use even more sophisticated techniques to distribute surveys to their customers. And the qualification process on some websites is way too long, driving survey takers insane!

Sign up for one or more of the survey sites on our list of the best survey sites for 2021.

These all offer a pleasant user experience as well as numerous options for members to make quick cash. If you are screened out, some of them may even pay you a tiny amount of money.

When taking affiliate surveys, pay extra close attention

Many paid survey websites will offer surveys on their own domain while also using survey routers to connect you to third-party survey providers (aka affiliates). Cint, Peanut Labs, Dynata, and other router manufacturers are among them.

Youโ€™ll still get paid into your regular survey account if you finish a survey on one of these affiliate websites.

The difficulty is that some affiliates may never be looking for people like you to do their surveys because they donโ€™t have access to your main survey accountโ€™s profile information.

As a result, pay close attention to which affiliates enable you to participate in surveys and which ones automatically disqualify you. As you see these third-party affiliate surveys presented on a variety of survey panels, you can start to notice similarities.

Youโ€™ll save a lot of time and irritation if you stay away from the less fruitful third-party surveys.

Try survey sites that never disqualify participants

Although there are very few sites that will never disqualify you from participating in their surveys, there are a few that do.

The only drawback? Youโ€™ll probably have to spend more time filling out your profile, and youโ€™ll probably get fewer surveys than on other sites.

Still, if you canโ€™t handle another DQ, these sites might be worth checking out:

  1. YouGov. take interesting political surveys and poll
  2. Toluna. A huge international community with surveys that pay via PayPal.
  3. OpinionWorld. You can withdraw cash via PayPal after earning $5 from online surveys.
  4. MyView. Many paid survey offers and plenty of gift cards on offer.
  5. Swagbucks. Pays via PayPal with loads of ways to earn points

Check if the website allows residents of your country to participate in surveys.

The majority of paid survey websites are only seeking responses from people who live in specified countries. Nonetheless, many of them will allow people from other countries to sign up!

This is especially frequent on websites that offer additional ways to earn money outside surveys (i.e. GPT sites).

Members will still be able to earn money by participating in micro-activities such as playing games, viewing movies, purchasing things from retail partners, and so on. They will, however, be disqualified from every survey they attempt to complete.

So, before you join up, make sure you know which nations the website is looking for responses from. You can check out our reviews on Surveys Legit to find out countries.

Stick with shorter paid surveys


These surveys may not pay as highly as longer ones, but they are usually easy to qualify for. Many sites (such as Swagbucks and Toluna) offer you to sort surveys by duration, popularity, reward, and other factors.

Sort surveys by duration and then go for the ones that offer out the most money per minute.

When taking paid surveys, avoid using a VPN

Using a VPN or proxy service to get around the last step is pointless. This will be detected by nearly all paid survey websites. Theyโ€™ll either ban you from the survey entirely or disqualify you from any surveys you attempt to complete.

Disable your ad-blocking software

Ad-blockers make it difficult for paid survey websites to follow your responses and can interfere with features like animation. If you use one while trying to do surveys, certain panels may disqualify you.

If youโ€™re worried about cookie tracking, etc., try taking surveys in a private window (or incognito mode) with your adblocker turned off.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks

Youโ€™re more likely to be disqualified from surveys if youโ€™re connected to a public network, such as at school, work, or a library. This is due to the fact that most public networks employ VPNs and/or ad-blockers.

While this is an unwelcome side effect for people who donโ€™t own computers and rely on public computer terminals, staying at the same library location and computer can help reduce the odds of running into issues.

Complete your profile to the best of your ability

The more information you provide in your profile, the more surveys youโ€™ll likely receive. Check your profile for accuracy and update any information that has changed. Remember that if your survey responses do not match your profile, you may be disqualified.

Take the time to accurately answer questions

This is probably the most patronising piece of advice, yet it bears repeating. You may be disqualified if you answer a qualifying question about yourself incorrectly.

If anything significant in your life has changed (having children, buying a home, buying a new automobile), make sure to update any relevant information.

Take paid surveys straight away

The less time you wait between when a survey is released and when you apply to take it, the less probable it is that other individuals like you have already completed it.

You can choose to receive email or mobile push notifications on the most respectable paid survey websites. Turn both of these on so that you can respond to new surveys as soon as possible.

Better still, if a site provides a surveys app, utilise it to be notified when new surveys are available, with the added benefit of being able to complete any surveys directly from the app.

Last but not least, remain calm and patient

Being disqualified is likely the most frustrating aspect of participating in paid survey websites, but keep in mind that even the most desirable vocations have nagging aspects.

Although you may not always be able to qualify for surveys, by following the tips above, you may avoid irritation and focus more time online having fun and getting money!

Good luck making money online! ๐Ÿ™‚


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