🔥 15 Verified Survey Sites for Norway (100% Legit)
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🔥 15 Verified Survey Sites for Norway (100% Legit)

The Land of the Midnight Sun is Norway’s given name. It is well-known for its famous fjords, lakes, and enchanted skies. Norway is also known for its languages, Vikings, and folklore, as well as being environmentally friendly and producing oil.

Furthermore, many Norwegians are well-known skiers, frozen pizza connoisseurs, and Tesla drivers!
Norway boasts the world’s highest concentration of fjords. The Geiranger Fjord and the Nry Fjord are both included as Unesco World Heritage Sites

Are you based in Norway and looking for ways to supplement your income online?

Joining an online survey or Get-Paid-To site is a good approach to do it.

By answering surveys and completing other tasks, you will be able to earn extra cash.

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The problem is that there are so many survey sites to choose from that it can be nearly impossible to join which sites to join without prior knowledge of which sites are good and which are poor.

Disclosure: I only recommend sites that I found legit and believe my users will find useful. Some links may contain affiliate links. When you sign up for free, I might get some commission without any cost to you. It’s not huge money, but it does help me run this site and guide you with my best reviews. Read more.

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That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 paid survey sites in Norway to assist you in deciding which sites to join.

⚡ The sites I’ll be listing are all legitimate and free to join, so there’s no risk in signing up.

Everything you should know about free online surveys in Norway

💭 How are paid survey opportunities in Norway?

When it comes to picking a survey site to join, the most important factors to examine are its earning potential and how user-friendly it is.

Ideally, you’ll want to join a survey site with a large number of surveys to choose from and that is simple to navigate. When this occurs, it will automatically result in increased earnings.

But, in general, how good are paid survey chances in Norway? The short answer is that it’s quite good.

There are numerous large and well-known survey sites available around the world. You will be able to join from any location in the world, including Norway. There are also several great sites with dedicated survey panels for Norwegians. So you have a lot of choices.

Just earn in mind that the money you can make on these sites will never compare to the money you can make from a full-time online job.

So, don’t expect that taking surveys would make you rich. It’s critical to create realistic expectations in order to avoid disappointment.

One thing I can tell is that great survey sites will always allow you to earn a reasonable amount of money on the side – and you can get started straight away for free. In addition, if you want your voice to be heard, participating in a survey site is a good way to do it.

💡 What is the best way to earn the most money?

Joining many sites is the greatest method to maximize your earnings from these types of sites. This is because different sites provide different opportunities, therefore joining more will give you more choices.

Aside from online surveys, there are sites that offer additional opportunities to earn money. GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites are what they’re called.

These GPT sites will let you earn money by signing up for free trials, entering contests, installing applications, doing online micro-tasks, clicking ads, viewing movies, and more.

So make sure to employ some of these other ways to earn money as well, since it can significantly increase your earnings.

Both survey and GPT sites will be included on this list. And, if you’re new to these types of sites, I recommend joining about 5-7, since this is the ideal number, in my opinion, for giving you enough opportunities to earn a reasonable bit of money while still having time to learn everything they have to offer.

If you believe you can handle additional work once you’ve become used to the effort required for these sites, you can join more.

✅ 15 Best online surveys for Norway

So, if you want to make some extra money online in Norway, let’s take a look at the finest survey and GPT sites.

It is not a comprehensive list of all available sites, but rather a list focusing on quality, with only sites worth joining included.

This list will be updated on a regular basis, so bookmark it and check back for fresh opportunities from time to time.


Payout methods: Gift cards
Payout threshold: 100 NOK


YouGov is one of the best survey sites for earning money, and it has its own Norwegian panel. This is due to the fact that it is simple to join and has a user-friendly site.

The disadvantage is that the only option to make money on this site is to complete survey offers. It does, however, have a mobile app that you may use to work on survey offers while you are not in front of a computer. As a result, this constraint is somewhat mitigated.

There aren’t many survey sites that offer this level of convenience. So, in my opinion, it’s best to take advantage of it. And, best of all, it offers a good number of available surveys, which is exactly what you’re searching for.

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Toluna Influencers

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10


Another good survey site to join is Toluna Influencers, which features a user-friendly site. It also includes a platform dedicated solely to Norwegians.

Although Toluna Influencers is primarily a survey platform, it also allows users to earn money by entering free contests and creating content that other members may interact with. As a result, this site has an additional layer of income possibilities.

The good news is that you only need $10 to begin withdrawing your earnings. You have the option of withdrawing it through PayPal or converting it to gift cards. However, keep in mind that payout processing can be a little sluggish. So, please be patient.

Overall, Toluna is a great choice because of its ease of use and low payout barrier.

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Ipsos i-Say Norway

Payout methods:  PayPal, gift cards, prepaid MasterCard
Payout threshold: 50 NOK

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say has its own survey panel for Norway, which is quite user-friendly. Finding surveys that you qualify for can take some patience, but you can simply keep track of new surveys using the Ipsos i-Say app, so it doesn’t take much extra effort to be a member.

You can sometimes participate free contests in addition to taking paid surveys, and you can earn extra through their loyalty programme as you take more surveys.

Once you have earned 50 NOK, you can withdraw your earnings.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $5


Because of its low payout barrier, OpinionWorld is a popular survey site to join. Because it’s a survey site, you can expect to earn money by taking surveys. MeningsTorget is the Norwegian site for the panel, but OpinionWorld is the international name.

In my opinion, what makes it a good site to join is that earning is not overly complicated. You simply log in and answer surveys.

Additionally, once you’ve acquired $5 worth of points, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or convert them to gift cards. Thatmakes a low bar, so you can start receiving money right now.

Joining OpinionWorld/MeningsTorget, in my opinion, is a good supplementary site to join to supplement your earnings from the other survey sites on our list.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold:$5


Because PrizeRebel is a GPT site and is among the top in terms of popularity, the list begins to stray a little. PrizeRebel is well-known for the wide range of earning opportunities it offers. It also includes a plethora of opportunities to earn money online in Norway.

This will result in a higher earning potential because, as you may know, the more opportunities you have, the more money you can earn. PrizeRebel is a great option because of this.

It also features a large selection of gift cards that may be redeemed for incentives, as well as PayPal. You’ll be able to earn rapidly and easy because the payout barrier is low. All of these aspects make it an excellent place to make some extra money.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10 for PayPal and $5 for gift cards


YSense is a GPT site similar to PrizeRebel. It used to be known as ClixSense, but it has since changed its name. Following the name change, it rolled additional payment methods, including PayPal, which, in my opinion, is the most convenient alternative.

PayPal offers a comparatively low payout threshold of $10 if you want to withdraw your earnings. However, if you prefer a faster method of receiving rewards, gift cards can be redeemed for only $5.

The good thing about ySense is that it offers a lot of earning opportunities. Itoffers not as extensive as PrizeRebel’s, but it’s more than adequate. You’ll also get a daily bonus, which will receive you in crossing the finish threshold.

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Payout methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards
Payout threshold: 80 NOK


Surveyeah is another user-friendly survey site providing a platform for Norwegians that you can join. As you can see, the sites I’ve chosen in this list place a strong emphasis on user-friendliness. This is due to the fact that it has an impact on the user’s overall experience.

Although Surveyeah may not have as many surveys as the other sites on this list, it can be a good supplementary site to join because, as previously stated, earning is not difficult.

It also has a low payout threshold of 80 NOK, which you can withdraw or convert to Amazon gift cards using PayPal. That is one of this survey site’s primary advantages.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10


Triaba is the last place on our list. It’s a user-friendly site, and one of the things that makes Triaba appealing is that earning prizes is simple.

Many people are unaware that, despite being available in many countries, the panel is really owned by a Norwegian.

The disadvantage is that it does not always have a large time of surveys available. However, I can attest to the fact that it is a secure and reliable site that consistently pays out without fail. That is, if you have amassed sufficient funds.

And, while we’re on the subject of earning enough, their payout threshold is $10. Once you’ve accumulated $10 in your PayPal account, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings. You can also obtain gift cards instead of cash.

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Payout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold: $1


Surveytime’s best feature is its payout threshold. As you can see, it is one of Norway’s fastest-paying survey sites. This implies you’ll be able to withdraw out your earnings almost every time you complete a survey.

That’s because every survey you complete successfully earns you $1, regardless of how long it takes. And, best of all, once you complete a survey, you will be paid promptly via PayPal.

So, after you’ve created an account, all you have to do now is answer out surveys. The rest is taken care of by the site.

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Univox Community

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10


Univox Community is an easy-to-use survey site with an app, so if you’re looking for a quick bit to earn money in Norway, this is a great alternative.

You can sometimes earn money by doing other small tasks, and the more active you are, the higher your membership level will be, giving you more benefits. A lower payout threshold will be one of the benefits.

When you first join, you must earn $25 before you can cash out, but if you reach a higher membership level, the threshold is reduced to $10. You’ll also receive a $2 welcome bonus simply for signing up.

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Mobrog Norway

Payout methods: PayPal, Skrill
Payout threshold: $6.25


The strength of Mobrog is that it is a simple site that does not demand a lot of effort to earn. It is a popular choice for people who desire to earn money online because of its user-friendliness and low payout threshold.

All you have to do now is wait for survey invites once you’ve joined this survey site’s panel. It can take some patience to find surveys that you qualify for, but once you do, you’ll usually always be rewarded with a bit close to the threshold.

It has a low payout threshold of $6.25, as previously indicated. You also have the option of withdrawing your earnings using PayPal or Skrill.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards, Bitcoin
Payout threshold: $3


If you live in Norway, you may also join FeaturePoints, which includes an app that allows you to earn while on the road. Because this is a GPT site, you can expect to earn in a variety of ways. You may answer surveys, complete paid offers, watch movies, participate free contests, and download apps, among other things.

Itmakes a good choice because you only need $3 in your account to start withdrawing your earnings. You can withdraw your money using PayPal or Bitcoin. You can also use gift cards instead of cash.

Overall, because of the numerous earning opportunities and low payout threshold, it is a good site to join.

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Payout methods: Bank transfer, Bitcoin, AirTM, Neteller, Skrill, Payeer
Payout threshold: $10


TimeBucks is one of the GPT sites that allows you to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account. This is something that not many GPT sites offer, therefore it’s rather unique.

It’s also different from other GPT sites in that it offers some unique ways to earn earning that you won’t find on other sites. Despite the fact that some of the earning opportunities do not earn well, you can nonetheless give a respectable living.

Take surveys, watch online slideshows, use Instagram, watch movies, follow people on social media, take paid offers, get free cash once per hour, and more to earn money.

Plus, in my opinion, it has a good referral programme that incentivizes you to invite others to join the site.

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Green Panthera

Payout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold: $30


As you can see, Green Panthera’s most prominent characteristic is its high payout threshold of $30. But, because it’s a GPT site, getting to that threshold won’t be as difficult as you think. That implies there are a lot of ways to make money there.

You can earn money by taking surveys, completing paid offers, and even while shopping online. However, you will need some patience because their surveys do not pay as well as you may expect, and finding the ones that you qualify for can take some time.

Overall, Green Panthera is a good GPT site to join because it allows you to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, which is a simple option. Plus, just for signing up, you get a $5 bonus, which is a great start in my opinion.

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LifePoints Panel Norway

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $15 for PayPal and lower for some gift cards


LifePoints Panel, like Toluna, is a good survey panel to join. It also offers a special panel for Norwegians, similar to Toluna. As a result, expect to earn money by taking surveys and joining in contests. Itmakes because of this that it’s a good choice. Earning money isn’t difficult.

Your earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal or converted into gift cards. If you want to get paid by PayPal, you must meet a relatively high threshold ($15). However, because it pays well, reaching the $15 threshold won’t be difficult.

Joining LifePoints Panel, in my opinion, might be a good way to enhance your earnings from other survey sites.

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📢 Final words

That brings us to the end of our list. If you live in Norway, these are the best and most reliable sites to join. Remember that joining these sites will not cost you anything because they are all free to join.

And, as I previously stated, joining 5-7 sites will allow you to get the most out of your time. This is the ideal number to start with in order to optimise your earnings without becoming overburdened by the work you must work.

The list will be updated on a regular basis, so bookmark this page and check back for fresh opportunities every now and then.

Good luck making money through paid surveys 😍


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