Top Sites for Paid Surveys in France
๐Ÿ”ฅ 23 Top Sites for Paid Surveys in France (Join Now)


The largest country in the EU and the worldโ€™s most popular tourist destination France is known for its culture and traditions.

Many people think of Paris when they think of French culture because it serves as a centre for fashion, food, art, and architecture.

If you live in France and want to make additional money online, taking surveys and other minor online chores can be a terrific and easy method.

๐Ÿ”Ž But how do you find the highest paying sites that are also legitimate?

I understand your anguish because I went through it myself a few years ago. I understand that some sites are outright scammers, so do your homework and read my instructions.

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However, not all survey and Get-Paid-To sites are worth joining, so if you have to test every choice, it can take a long time to find the perfect ones for you.

๐Ÿ“Œ Remember: Donโ€™t pay any money to join a survey site.

To make it easier for you to get started and avoid wasting time testing many easy sites, I will present you the 23 top paid survey sites in France in this article.

If you do not live in France, please see my listings of the best-paid survey sites in other countries. This will find you in locating sites worth joining in your country.

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Everything you need to know about legitimate surveys in France

๐Ÿค”What are the paid survey possibilities in France?

Before I get into the list of the best survey sites in France, Iโ€™d like to discuss how the opportunities for making money online by taking paid surveys are in France in general. Then youโ€™ll know what to expect.

The region you live in is arguably the most crucial element in determining how many paid survey opportunities you have. In certain nations, finding sites with reasonable opportunities requires a lot of effort. If you live in France, though, you are in luck.

France has a lot to offer, and some of the greatest and most popular sites may be found here.

To increase your chances of earning, keep in mind that certain sites, in addition to surveys, provide multiple ways to earn.

These sites are commonly referred to as GPT sites (Get-Paid-To). You may earn money by doing things like taking surveys, doing little online jobs, watching movies, downloading applications, playing games, doing social media duties, and more.

โœ… So, to earn the most, make sure to employ some of these other earning strategies as well, since this may be a wonderful way to supplement your income.

You should be aware that paid surveys and GPT sites will not make you wealthy in France despite the fantastic opportunities.

It may earn you some great money on the side, and it allows you to get your voice heard on critical issues. Itโ€™s also one of the simplest ways to generate money online in France because thereโ€™s no expense or risk involved.

However, donโ€™t expect to make a full-time living from it. I usually mention this since it is a fantastic opportunity if you have the appropriate expectations. Still, some people join to become rich, and if that is your objective, you will be disappointed.

So, letโ€™s get started with the truly worthwhile sites.

โญ Best paid surveys for France

The following is not an adequate representation of all paid surveys and GPT sites accessible in France. On the other hand, the list below is a quality list of the greatest sites that are all reputable and authentic sites that pay you.

To enhance your possibilities of earning, join more sites โ€” for a start, I recommend joining 5-7 and getting to know them before joining more, so it does not get too overwhelming, but you still have many viable opportunities.


Payout methods: PayPal, big selection of gift cards
Payout threshold: $1


Swagbucks is one of the worldโ€™s largest survey and GPT (get-paid-to) sites. It is not available in many countries, but it is in France. Therefore it is definitely a site worth checking out.

You may earn money in various ways, including taking surveys, viewing movies, taking paid offers, surfing the web, collecting rewards on online purchases, entering free contests, and more.

Swagbucks also features several great payout ways, making it easy for you to receive your earnings. You can get paid by PayPal or select from a wide range of gift cards. If you join using the invitation link below, you will also receive a $5 joining bonus, a great bonus for a GPT site.

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PineCone Research France

Payout methods: Bank transfer, gift cards, products
Payout threshold: $3


PineCone Research is one of the highest-paying survey sites in France. However, it is an exclusive survey panel, and you may only join by invitation. And such an invitation is rarely easy to find by.

However, I frequently receive similar invites for PineCone Research France, so you should be able to join by clicking the button below. If there isnโ€™t an invitation right now, try again at the beginning of the following month because they only accept a limited amount of new members each month, and the spaces fill up rapidly.

Once youโ€™re a member, you can start getting paid as soon as you have $3, and because thatโ€™s the minimum for each survey, you may get paid after each one if you like.

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Payout methods: PayPal, big selection of gift cards
Payout threshold: $5


PrizeRebel is another of my all-time favourite survey and GPT sites. You can join from anywhere, but it has limited opportunities in some countries. France has pretty good opportunities once you have figured out what offers and surveys are available for you. Like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel offers many ways to earn, making the site great, as you can almost always find a way to earn.

You can earn by taking surveys, taking offers, inviting friends to join, a daily bonus, watching videos, promo codes that give free cash, free contests, and it has a great bonus program, where you get more benefits the more active you are.

It has some great rewards to choose from, as you can get paid through PayPal or gift cards. You can get a payout already when you have earned $5, and it will not take you long.

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Payout methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, gift cards
Payout threshold: $5


YSense (previously ClixSense) is a great survey site that caters to opportunities from all over the world. This covers France. Therefore itโ€™s a site you should look into.

It may not have as many ways to earn as some of the other sites described above, but it does offer some nice possibilities. It includes a fair number of paid surveys you can take, a great daily activity bonus, and it is one of the finest sites to take Figure Eight tasks via.

You can be paid through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and gift cards. The payout threshold varies depending on the prize, but it starts at $5.

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Triaba France

Payout methods: PayPal, gift card
Payout threshold: $10


Triaba is one of the survey sites that provides a specific survey panel for France, and it is quite easy to use.

You just sign up, and you will receive an email invitation whenever there is a new survey. It does not have many surveys, but because it is so easy to use, it is absolutely worth signing up for.

Once you have earned โ‚ฌ10, you may withdraw your funds via PayPal or obtain an gift card.

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LifePoints France

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10


LifePoints panel is a fairly new survey site that has its own survey panel dedicated to France only. It was created as a result of the combination of two survey sites, GlobalTestMarket and MySurveys.

It is one of the most user-friendly paid survey sites in France since it is really easy to use, and after you sign up, all you have to do is wait for emails containing survey invites. It is, nevertheless, a good idea to log in to the panel once in a while to check for available surveys.

It offers several nice payout ways, such as getting paid in cash via PayPal or receiving gift cards. The actual payout threshold varies on the incentive you pick, but it starts at roughly $10, also a fairly low threshold.

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Opinion Bureau

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $5


Opinion Bureau is a simplistic survey site that is only available in a few countries. France is one of the countries where you may join and earn money just by sharing your thoughts.

You only need to sign up, and you will start receiving invites via email. As a result, becoming a member does not take much more work.

You may cash out your earnings as soon as you earn $5, making it one of the quicker sites to earn from in France. You can cash out your earnings in cash or as gift cards.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: No threshold


One of the easiest paid survey sites to join from France is Surveytime. This makes it incredibly easy to use, and there are a lot of surveys to choose from.

Simply take a small survey throughout the sign-up procedure, and youโ€™ll make access to a list of accessible surveys that is updated on a sure basis. You receive $1 for each survey you complete on Surveytime, even if the survey is only a few minutes long.

After each survey, you will be paid immediately, and your earnings will be sent to your PayPal account within minutes. As a result, it is one of Franceโ€™s fastest-paying survey sites.

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Payout methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Skrill
Payout threshold: โ‚ฌ17


Surveyeah is easy to use; simply sign up and start receiving invitations to paid surveys in France.

You wonโ€™t receive a lot of invitations, but it doesnโ€™t take much work, and the surveys pay well for your time, so itโ€™s still worth looking into.

The payout threshold is determined by the reward you choose. If you want an gift card, you can receive one after earning โ‚ฌ17, but if you want to withdraw money via PayPal, youโ€™ll need to earn โ‚ฌ25.

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Univox Community

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10


Univox Community is easy to use and offers a good variety of opportunities to earn money in France. Taking surveys is the most common way to earn money, but you may also invite friends and participate in free contests.

You must be aware, however, that Univox welcomes new members at any time. There are instances when there are too many members, and you are unable to join. However, if you can, it might be an additional useful site to join.

When you initially join, the payout threshold is $25, but if you stay active, you will advance to a higher membership level and be able to withdraw your earnings as soon as you have earned $10.

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Toluna Influencers France

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards, products
Payout threshold: $10


Toluna Influencers is a well-known website that is available in almost every country in the local language. It also has a French site and a blog where news and special deals are presented.

You may make money by taking surveys, but you can also make money by generating polls or material for other members to connect with or by entering free contests.

Itโ€™s an easy-to-use site with several great perks, such as the ability to get paid using PayPal or gift cards. It is not higher on the list because it is slow to take out, paying up to 8 weeks after requesting a payout, which is quite slow for a survey site.

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Payout methods: PayPal, Bitcoin
Payout threshold: $ 20

honeygain logo

Honeygain is one of your greatest possibilities in France if you want to earn a little more money online absolutely passively.

Itโ€™s a unique GPT site where you can earn money by simply sharing your unused internet bandwidth. All you have to do is download the software to your computer or mobile device, and youโ€™ll be able to start earning right away.

You may take your earnings via PayPal or Bitcoin once youโ€™ve earned $20. If you join using the invitation link below, youโ€™ll receive a $5 welcome bonus right immediately.

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Mobrog France

Payout methods: PayPal, Skrill
Payout threshold: $6.25


For France, Mobrog offers its own survey panel, which is easy to use. You will begin receiving paid survey invitations through email after you have become a member.

You wonโ€™t be eligible for all of them, so it may take some time to find the ones that are right for you on Mobrog. Overall, though, it provides access to a sizable number of paid surveys.

Once youโ€™ve made $6.25, you may withdraw your earnings by PayPal or Skrill.

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Payout methods: Cash, gift cards
Payout threshold: โ‚ฌ25


YouGov is a must-join if you want to make some additional money online in France by taking surveys. It is one of the most user-friendly survey panels, with surveys that are both relevant and fascinating.

It also offers an app that allows you to take surveys on any device. You can also see how the media use the results of the surveys on the website, so you can see how sharing your thoughts makes a difference.

You can get paid in gift cards or cash once youโ€™ve earned โ‚ฌ25.

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Payout methods: PayPal, Instant PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin
Payout threshold: $1

Although is not for everyone, it is included on the list because of its potential. It is accessible worldwide, including in France.

Every day, it contains a variety of surveys and offers, and it is constantly updated. It also has fantastic free contests and incentives for the most successful members. It is not for everyone since, in comparison to other sites, it requires a little patience. Youโ€™ll frequently come across offers that you donโ€™t qualify for, and it might be difficult to navigate at first.

It has good potential if you are patient and know the site, and find the surveys and offers you qualify for. PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Amazon gift cards are all options for payment. When you earn $1, you may already get paid by PayPal, which is great.

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TGM Panel France

Payout methods: PayPal, GCodes
Payout threshold: $10


TGM Panel has its own French survey panel, which offers a good number of surveys.

TGM Panel is great because you generally qualify for surveys more frequently than on many other panels, making it a great site to join even though it does not provide as many surveys as other sites.

When you have earned $10, you can withdraw your earnings in cash or gift cards.

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Payout methods: Bitcoin, Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Neteller
Payout threshold: $10


Timebucks is an interesting site that stands out from the crowd. It is available both in France and across the world.

What makes it interesting is that it includes some earning opportunities that you will undoubtedly be able to take advantage of, regardless of where you live. However, many earning techniques are low-paying, so if you donโ€™t qualify for the higher-paying surveys, patience is required.

You may earn money by clicking advertising, reading emails, watching online material, watching films, mining, and more, in addition to surveys. Bitcoin, Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, Bank Transfer, and Neteller are all options for being paid.

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Payout methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards
Payout threshold: $3


FeaturePoints is a highly user-friendly GPT site, and itโ€™s especially helpful if you want to earn money on the move in France because it has a decent app.

Take surveys, watch videos, download applications, and enter free contests to earn money. Some of the options can only be accessed via the app.

You can obtain a payout as soon as you earn $3, and you can choose to get paid by PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards.

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Opinion Outpost / Mon Opinion Compte

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards, prepaid Visa,
Payout threshold: Depends on reward


Mon Opinion Compte is a panel created specifically for France by Opinion Outpost.

It offers a great number of surveys and pays well for your time, so itโ€™s a good supplemental survey site to join.

The payout threshold is determined by the reward you choose. You have the option of receiving payment in cash via PayPal, receiving a prepaid Visa card, receiving an gift card, or receiving other gift cards.

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Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards, bitcoin
Payout threshold: $1


InstaGC is a worldwide site. It provides the most opportunities for English-speaking countries, but it also has some excellent opportunities for French-speaking countries.

Take surveys, watch movies, sign up for free trials on websites, wager on sports games, and more to earn money. It also includes a great weekly bonus if you participate in a specific activity.

It takes some time to find out how to explore the site and how to find good opportunities, but it is well worth your time if you are patient. The fact that you may payout as soon as you earn $1 is great since it allows you to get paid promptly. For example, you can be paid by PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards to or iTunes.

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Payout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold: $10


Ebuno is a fairly new GPT site. It began as a paid survey site, but it now offers a variety of ways to make money.

You may make free coins by taking paid surveys, playing games, inviting friends, and simply clicking a button numerous times every day.

You may withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you have earned $10.

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Ipsos i-Say France

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $10


Ipsos i-Say is yet another โ€œpureโ€ survey site, meaning it only offers paid surveys. It is, however, quite user-easy, and it includes several interesting surveys.

However, it does not give a large number of surveys, but it is still worth joining as an extra site; nevertheless, if you only want to join a few, you should surely prefer other sites. Aside from paid surveys, Ipsos i-Say offers free competitions and a loyalty program that may participate you some nice extra benefits if you use the site frequently.

Once youโ€™ve reached around $10, which is a reasonable payout threshold, you can request a payout. You can be paid via PayPal or a gift.

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Payout methods: Amazon, gift cards
Payout threshold: Depends on reward


MobileXpression is a little different from the other sites on this list regarding how you can get paid to give comments. It works like this: all you have to do is download the software on your device, and it will automatically provide feedback on internet users without you having to do anything.

In addition, you may be offered more paid surveys from time to time. You should be aware, however, that MobileXpression does not always seek new members from France. They may also be looking for users who have specific gadgets. So youโ€™ll have to see if theyโ€™re looking for new members and what devices theyโ€™re looking for right now by clicking the button below.

You may earn points just by having the app loaded, which can be traded for Amazon gift cards or any other gift cards, and the panel also offers weekly prizes.

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๐Ÿ“ฃ Final words

If you live in France, there you have it: a list of various legitimate and worthwhile surveys and GPT sites to join. Give the ones that find to you a try and let me know what you think. Itโ€™s important to join in mind that joining many sites will increase your earning potential.

As I test and review new sites, the list will be updated regularly. To save this page as a favourite and make to it from time to time to see whatโ€™s sure.

Iโ€™d love to hear from you in the comments section if you have any suggestions, queries, or think of any sites that should be included in the list.

Good luck making money through paid surveys ๐Ÿ˜


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