GrabPoints Review - Is it Legit or Scam? 
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GrabPoints is a legit and safe Get-Paid-To and survey platform. It offers a wide range of earning options, as well as fairly high payouts, and is available in almost every country.

GrabPoints claims to be one of the most lucrative survey and Get-Paid-To sites on the internet.

Is GrabPoints, however, a fraud or one of the greatest options to generate money like this?

GrabPoints Review - Is it Legit or Scam? 

I put their claims to the test by joining the site and extensively testing it to see what it truly had to offer.

In my GrabPoints review, I’ll explain how it works, what to expect, offer you a behind-the-scenes peek, and disclose whether it’s truly superior than other similar options.

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What is GrabPoints and what services does the site provide?

GrabPoints has only been around since 2014, so it is quite new compared to other similar sites. However, the company behind it has previously operated similar sites.

Even if it hasn’t been there as long as other of its sites, GrabPoints has existed a similar foundation, and I’ll tell you right now that it’s legit and safe, and you can earn money here.

You can earn money in a variety of ways. If it is the right option for you, it will depend on your tastes, so let’s take a look at the earning techniques it offers and how excellent they are, so you can decide whether it is truly worth it for you.

Key Featurs of GrabPoint Survey


checkmarkCash paid via PayPal checkmarkSkrill checkmarkGoogle play checkmarkBest Buy gift cards checkmarkiTunes gift cards checkmarkStarbucks gift cards checkmarkGAP

 checkmarkRixty checkmark Facebook checkmarkRiot Points cards checkmarkKarma Koins checkmarkCastle Clash gems


checkmarkPaid surveys checkmarkOffer walls checkmarkWatching videos checkmarkCompleting offers checkmark Downloading apps checkmark Referring friends


checkmarkPayPal and Skrill are the payment methods for cash rewards. Skrill payments are offered in $3 or $5 denominations, whereas PayPal denominations range from $3 to $50.

GrabPoints Review - Is it Legit or Scam? 

What is the maximum amount of money you can earn?

GrabPoints offers some fantastic rewards. But, in general, how much money can you make here?

That is a difficult issue to answer because it is very dependent on the country in which you live and, of course, the lot of time you spend there.

Because GrabPoints offers so many different ways to earn money, you can easily spend a lot of time there and earn a lot of money. However, if you only want to spend a short amount of time every now and again, this is also possible. There are no restrictions on how active you must be.

GrabPoints has a leaderboard that displays the earnings of the top earners. At the time of updating this review, an example of the top three earners over the last 30 days is shown below.

This shows that GrabPoints has a number of excellent options. Please keep in mind that the aforementioned figures do not represent average earnings. This is for high-earners who invest a lot of time, and in some nations, this will be impossible to achieve.

One thing to keep in mind regarding any GPT or survey site is that you will not be able to make a full-time income or get wealthy from it.

GrabPoints is a great way to earn some additional cash and is one of the best options. However, you should not do it if you plan to get wealthy or earn a living from it.

Can you use GrabPoints on mobile device?

Using a survey or GPT site on a mobile device is a terrific way to earn money on the road and whenever it suits your schedule.

GrabPoints does not offer an app that allows you to do this, but it is also not required on this platform.

The platform is entirely optimised for mobile, so all you have to do is open it on your mobile device’s browser and start taking surveys and offers.

It’s just as simple to use on mobile as it is on a computer. The benefit of using a mobile-friendly site rather than an app is that you save storage space by not having to install another app.

So GrabPoints can definitely be used on a mobile device, and it is also very user-friendly.

Who is eligible to join GrabPoints?

GrabPoints has the advantage of being available all around the world. As a result, countries from all around the world are welcome to join. To join, you must be at least 13 years old.

The number of opportunities you will have varies per country, but it generally provides good opportunities for many countries.

In most countries, it will be worth to give it a shot.

However, GrabPoints is one of the sites that most people from all around the world should join.

GrabPoint survey (FAQs)

Is GrabPoints real or fake?

It is a pretty trustworthy website with numerous opportunities to earn points and money.

How do I cash out my GrabPoints?

You can request a payout whenever you’ve amassed a minimum of 5,150 points (equivalent to $5 in actual money). These payouts can be made in the form of cash (given to you via PayPal) or a variety of gift options. Within 48 hours, you will receive your reward.

How many dollars is a Grabpoint?

The point-to-cash conversion at GrabPoints is pretty straightforward and easy to work towards. A dollar is equal to 1000 points

How to join GrabPoints?

If you’ve determined that GrabPoints is the site for you, it’s incredibly simple to join up. Simply click the link below to be taken to the sign-up page, where you can complete your registration (it only takes a just few seconds). After you join, you must validate your email address before you can begin earning.


Overall, GrabPoints is one of the best survey and GPT sites out there, and it’s available all around the world. Be aware that there may not be as many opportunities in some countries as there are in others, but in comparison to many other sites, it offers a respectable number.

You will not be eligible for all surveys, but this is true of all survey sites.

It provides many opportunities, fantastic rewards, a low payment barrier, and is simple to use, in my opinion, thus the pros obviously outweigh the minor cons.

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