PaidViewpoint Review (Legit or Scam ?)
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PaidViewpoint is a great paid survey site with the unique characteristic that you always qualify for the surveys presented. However, you should only join if you live in an English-speaking country.
If you’re looking for a site to earn some extra money by taking surveys, you’ve probably heard of PaidViewpoint.

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Is PaidViewpoint, however, legitimate and a legitimate way to earn money, or is it a scam site to avoid?

I’ve thoroughly tried it and have been a member for quite some time. So, if you’re thinking of joining, let me tell you about my experiences so you know what to expect.

PaidViewpoint Review (Legit or Scam ?)

Let me start by saying that PaidViewpoint offers certain unique features that only a few other survey sites have, but it does not mean it is the best option for everyone.

In this PaidViewpoint review, I’ll go over everything in detail so you’ll know precisely what to expect and whether it’s the right way for you to earn some extra money online or not.

PaidViewpoint Review Contents

What exactly is PaidViewpoint and what services does it provide?

Paidviewpoint is a paid survey site that allows you to earn PayPal cash and gift cards by taking online surveys.

AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) operates PaidViewpoint, and with your support, AYTM is revolutionising the market research industry by providing quality market research easily accessible and inexpensive to businesses big and small all over the world.

Unlike many other survey sites, this site just offers paid surveys and no advertising to view for money, no paid offers, or anything else.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, since it makes it incredibly simple and easy to use thus it is really easy to get started with. And it is, of course, 100 percent free to join and use.

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$15 USD minimum account balance required for first cash out. Rewards processing completed within 72 hours of request.

What is PaidViewpoint’s method of payment?

You earn money every time you take a survey or a Trait Score survey, which you may view in your account right away.

You can then have this money paid out to you using PayPal, which is the only mode of payout.
Before you may request a payout, you must first make $15. Although I would prefer a lower payout level, this is still quite nice compared to other survey sites and not impossible to achieve if you live in the right countries.

You will receive a $1 bonus simply for signing up and completing out your basic information, which will take only a few minutes, so that is a good start. Within 2-3 days after you request a payout, it will be in your PayPal account.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a PayPal account that’s been verified. This is completely free, however you must first get your account verified before you can withdraw your money.

What is PaidViewpoint Trait Score?

I’ve mentioned the Trait Score a couple of times now, and I believe it’s past time to clarify what it is.

It’s a number that shows how well PaidViewpoint understands you and how honest you are. You can take a brief Trait Score survey every day for a few pennies and it just takes 1-2 minutes.
This isn’t a way to generate money on PaidViewpoint, but it is a way to see how consistent and honest your responses are. People are frequently honest and speed through online surveys, thus PaidViewpoint created a mechanism that evaluates your consistency through these short daily surveys.

PaidViewpoint uses the Trait Score surveys to get to know you better so you can get the surveys that are right for you. This does not imply that the site wants to know your personal identify, but rather that it wants to know more about your hobbies, demographics, and personality qualities.

As a result, you will only be offered surveys that you can complete and participate in. Unlike some other sites, you know that once you start a survey, it will not stop in the middle and tell you that you do not qualify. This is a one-of-a-kind feature and a fantastic aspect of PaidViewpoint.

These Trait Score surveys aren’t the best way to generate money on the site – but they are in other ways. Because you will earn points every time you complete one of our Trait Score surveys.

When you achieve 9000 points (which took me about 3 months), you become a trusted survey taker, which means you’ll get more surveys and be paid more money for each.

Even though the Trait Score surveys pay very little, spending 1-2 minutes a day on them is well worth it. This will provide you with a lot more options on PaidViewpoint in the long term.

What is the maximum amount of money you can make on PaidViewpoint?

It’s up to you how much time you want to spend on this or any other paid survey site. It simply takes 1-2 minutes to complete the daily Trait Score surveys. They are worthwhile because they will give you to make more money in the long term.

In comparison to many other survey sites, the other surveys pay fairly well in terms of time. It’s tough to express it more precisely because the amount of time and reward varies depending on the surveys and your Trait Score.

However, most surveys take about 5 minutes to complete and are easy to complete because they are usually multiple-choice questions.

However, the amount of time you can spend on PaidViewpoint is limited. There aren’t as many because there are only a few options to earn and only high-quality surveys.

You will only be able to complete a Trait Score survey on some days, and you will only be able to spend 1-2 minutes on the site.

As a result, PaidViewpoint is not the site that offers the most earning opportunities, as there aren’t as many daily opportunities as there are on sites like SwagBucks. PaidViewpoint, on the other hand, has a lot of benefits and is extremely easy to use, so it could be a good site to join and take the surveys you’re provided.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must check the site yourself to see whether any surveys are accessible. You can request to receive email notifications when new surveys become available in your account settings, which will save you from having to visit the site to check.

You will not be notified by email when a Trait Score survey becomes available, but it is easy to figure out when one becomes available — there will be one (sometimes two) per day.

Also, keep in mind that paid surveys will not make you rich or provide you with a full-time job, but they can provide you with some nice extra spending money. Just to set the record straight and control expectations.

PaidViewPoints, on the other hand, does pay, making it a legitimate way to make your income. I’ve been paid by it on multiple occasions.

Above is a screenshot of my PaidViewpoint payment proof, demonstrating that it will pay you once you meet the payout threshold; below is a video showing how I cash out live.

If you prefer, you can withdraw your funds as soon as you meet the threshold, or you can leave them in your account until you have acquired more.

Can you use it on mobile?

If you prefer to take surveys on the go, PaidViewpoint surveys are simple to complete from your mobile device.

They’ve only lately released a PaidViewpoint app for Android.
The app is not yet available for iOS devices as of updating this review, but they are reportedly working on it.

However, because the website is mobile-friendly, you may still take surveys using your iPhone or iPad by logging onto the website using your browser.

PaidViewpoint is available in which countries?

PaidViewpoint is available all around the world, and you may sign up from anywhere. However, the number of surveys you receive will vary substantially based on where you live.

People in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and, to a lesser extent, Australia, are the most commonly surveyed. In the rest of the world, surveys will still be conducted on occasion, but they will be extremely rare.

If you do not live in one of the countries listed above, this site may not be right for you, but there are alternative options available in your country.

I’ve read some PaidViewpoint reviews just stating that you can join from any country and encouraging everyone to join, and although this is true, it is not the whole picture.

People who simply say this frequently do not understand how it works and, in most cases, have not properly tested the site. The reality is that if you do not live in one of the countries listed above, it could take years to get enough surveys to reach the payout threshold, and in some cases, it will likely never be possible.

Paidviewpoint is presently only worth joining if you live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

PaidViewpoint is expanding globally, thus more surveys for different countries should be available at some point.

Unlike some other survey sites, you can engage in surveys even if you are in a different country from where you live, thus you can utilise it while travelling.

How much can you make on Paidviewpoint?

Depending on your trait score and how long you’ve been with Paidviewpoint, the payout is fairly generous, ranging from $15 to $10. Unlike other survey sites, you never have to worry about being disqualified.

How do you increase your PaidViewpoint trait score?

Making sure your profile is full is the quickest way to acquire more surveys, raise your trait score, and earn more money. This provides PaidViewpoint with some information to ensure that you are eligible for surveys. They’ll also ask you questions about your personality traits that you’ve already answered on your profile throughout trait surveys.

Is PaidViewpoint a fake website?

On Paid Viewpoint, everyone earns money. However, we are not a site that offers fast cash or big sums of money.


PaidViewpoint has a lot of potential, in my opinion. It is not a scam because it allows you to make money without having to invest any money.

It is free to join and utilise, just like any other legitimate survey site. However, it is not a viable solution for everyone.

So let’s wrap up this review by summarising the pros and cons so you can get a better picture before determining whether it’s right for you.
PaidViewpoint, in my perspective, has far more advantages than disadvantages.

One of the only cons is that the number of surveys you receive varies greatly depending on where you live, so it’s only worthwhile to join if you live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because those are the markets PaidViewpoint mostly serves. It simply means that if you do not live in one of these countries, you should definitely join other survey sites instead, as earning enough for a payout would take much too long.

PaidViewpoint is the only survey site I’ve encountered with a system like the Trait Score, which rewards you for being consistent and honest with additional compensation. I enjoy this function since it means you’ll only be presented surveys that you’ll be able to complete and get paid for because they know more about which surveys you’ll be a sure fit for.

More survey sites could benefit from a system like this, in which you are never screened out after taking a survey.

In general, if you live in one of the countries listed above, I definitely advise you to join PaidViewpoint.

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