Legit Way to Earn as a Virtual Assistant

Legit Way to Earn as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the various ways people have found to earn additional money online in recent years.

It’s possible that this is an excellent opportunity for you to earn some cash. If you’re interested in this possibility, keep reading to learn more about the virtual assistant (VA) profession. Thereafter, you will find out whether or not this is a good opportunity for you.

To get your virtual assistant career off to a good start, I’ll also give you some examples of websites where you can look for work.

What is exactly a “virtual assistant”?

If you don’t know what a “virtual assistant” is, it’s a job where administrative tasks are done outside of where the client is physically located. Virtual assistants often avoid the commute to and from the office by working remotely.

Typically, a virtual assistant will work as a freelancer for a client. Because of this, you’ll be responsible for footing the bill for things like Medicare, taxes, social security, and more.

As a virtual assistant, you will often be responsible for tasks such as answering emails and phone calls, setting up meetings, arranging vacation plans, and working the books. On the other hand, more and more business owners are hiring virtual assistants to do simple but important tasks.

So, being adaptable is a must if you want to be a virtual assistant. You need a wide range of tasks to succeed. But the two most important skills you’ll need are being good with computers and knowing how to use the internet. To apply for any virtual assistant position, those are the only two requirements.

How much you can earn as a virtual assistant?

Your salary will be commensurate with the effort and skills you bring to the table, just as it would be at any other job. That is to say, your salary will be based on your level of expertise and experience.

The first thing you should do if you want to become a virtual assistant is find out how much money newbies in the field make. To know what to charge clients, you should research how much entry-level virtual assistants are being paid.

You know, when working as a virtual assistant, you have to bargain for a fair salary. You can’t bargain for a fair salary if you don’t work for what you’re worth. Your salary will also be based on a number of other criteria. If you are paid to perform complex or unusual tasks, you have the right to negotiate a higher salary. An untrained VA can normally expect to earn between $300 and $500 per month.

If you have several years of experience as a virtual assistant, you may expect to earn a much higher monthly salary (at least $1,000). As a matter of fact, working as a virtual assistant might earn you money on a full-time basis.

But keep in mind that as a beginner, it will be extremely hard, if not impossible, to make a living just as a virtual assistant. Taking on multiple clients isn’t difficult and might let you earn as much as a seasoned virtual assistant, but it’s not recommended.

I find that taking on numerous clients is a good idea only if you can effectively manage your time and find the proper clients. If you can’t focus on one client at a time, I suggest doing so.

Where to find virtual assistant jobs?

Now that you know what to expect as a virtual assistant, let’s talk about finding jobs. The options I’ll show below are legit, and I’ll describe each.

It’s not ranked, so choose whatever options you want. Choose from numerous options to gain virtual assistant opportunities. Ultimately, you decide which jobs to accept.

I’ll keep updating this page if I find more worthwhile sites, so bookmark it and check back often.

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#1 Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands
Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a top site to find virtual assistant jobs. Most virtual assistant jobs on this site involve 15- to 20-minute tasks. This is good filler work, in my opinion.

You’ll get paid using Dwolla, which is convenient. Fancy Hands is only available in the US, and there’s no promise you’ll be accepted as a virtual assistant if you apply.

If you become one of their virtual assistants, you may expect to earn consistently from this site since there’s a steady supply of jobs.

#2 Indeed


Indeed posts job openings. It’s a middleman between you and an employer. You’ll need to spend time looking for virtual assistant jobs and submit your resume. Always keep your resume updated.

Although Indeed focuses on traditional office-based jobs, I’ve noticed more online and remote jobs in recent years. You’ll find a virtual assistant job someday.

#3 Time Etc

Time Etc
Time Etc

Time Etc pays virtual assistants for their services. It’s only for US citizens, so if you live elsewhere, pass. You can withdraw your earnings from Time Etc. using PayPal. Hourly pay is $13 to $17, which isn’t awful.

This site only accepts virtual assistants with 5 years’ experience. This isn’t for virtual assistant newcomers.

#4 UpWork


UpWork is a prominent freelance site. You can find jobs as a virtual assistant on this site. It’s free to join, so you won’t spend a thing to find work. You must build your UpWork reputation if you want to charge more for jobs.

So, if you join this site, be patient and work your way up until you have a decent reputation as a freelancer. Once you accomplish this, you’ll frequently earn a substantial amount from this site.

#5 LinkedIn


Virtual assistants must have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional social network. LinkedIn is a great forum for job seekers.

You can use this platform to look for jobs as a virtual assistant or put it in your profile. And believe me, sometimes someone will contact you with a job opportunity. Expect delays. Update your LinkedIn profile. It’s your online resume.

#6 Flexjobs


Flexjobs is an online employment board that lists full-time and part-time remote jobs. You can probably find VA jobs on this site. This site posts entry-level to executive jobs, so everyone has a chance. You must apply for VA employment if you’re interested.

It offers an iOS app so you can check for job openings when you’re not at your computer. If you join, there’s a membership cost.

Final Words

Working as a virtual assistant is a valid way to earn money online. Virtual assistants can earn a full-time income, but they need skills and experience.

As a virtual assistant, you need to be reliable and easy to get in touch with so that clients feel comfortable sending you requests. Virtual assistants must keep in touch with their clients. You won’t produce quality work otherwise. Experience proves it.

To go the extra mile, keep up with your field’s advances. Appointment scheduling requires knowledge of cloud-based communication systems, for example. This helps you become an effective virtual assistant. If you want to earn a full-time income without working for a firm or person, consider online techniques.

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